Safe Services

We give repair answers for your safe that has seen it’s more promising times. We additionally offer a total line of safes to ensure your assets whether they are of individual or business. We respect the chance to work with you to give the service or item that fits your necessities and your safe.

Repair Service

While a safe is worked to stand the trial of time and manhandle, a portion of the better segments are more fragile, similar to the dial or the keypad. When you discover any piece of your safe not playing out the way it should it’s an ideal opportunity to take some preventive measures and have it overhauled to guarantee appropriate working request proceeds for quite a long time to come.

safe vault 370x200 locksmith benalmadena

Safe Cracking

Opening the safe

Opening a locked safe does not mean that what is protected will be damaged. We can often open the safe and repair it, saving you from having to purchase another safe.

Key duplication

Not all safes have dials. In fact, just like a car or a house, from time to time a copy of the key is needed. We can make these key copies using a system that is indistinguishable from the owner’s keys.

Combinations of safes

We change the combination of electronic and mechanical safes.

Key Duplication

Not all safes have dials. What’s more, much the same as an auto or home once in a while there is a requirement for a copy key. We can make those copy keys utilizing an indistinguishable systems from a property holders key.



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