Lock Fitting & Replacement in Benalmádena

On the chance that you are locked out, have lost your keys, had the setback to be burgled, or basically need to supplant your current locks, we can can help.

The fitting of entryway locks, window locks and different types of extra security will keep robbers out. In 20% of thefts cheats pick up section through open entryways and windows, so not exclusively do you need the fitting of good, solid bolts however you should ensure your entryways and windows stay shut and bolted.

We give an expert establishment, entryway opening, bolt repair, fitting and service for a wide range of entryways and windows, including carports, local roller-screens and emergency exits.

Door Locks

Two of every three criminals get entrance through an entryway. The accompanying depictions may help in understanding the contrast between the most well-known household entryway bolts and help recognize the most appropriate locks for your property.

Mortice Locks

The Home Office prescribes fitting five-lever mortise halts to every outside entryway. Numerous insurance agencies require this as a base standard.

Mortice locks are implanted into the entryway itself and must be opened with the key. They are generally found on indirect accesses and are frequently fitted to front entryways notwithstanding a chamber edge bolt (Yale bolt).

Mortice locks can frequently be portrayed as a halt or band bolt. A gridlock is a mortice bolt which has only a key opening and a jolt. A scarf bolt has a jolt and a hook and a couple of handles.

Mortice locks have a few lever varieties: a 2, 3, 5 or 7 lever instrument. 5 lever or more can be British Standard or non British Standard. The higher the quantity of “levers” the more troublesome the bolt is to “pick” and the more secure it will be, the higher the lever the bolt the more key varieties there are dispensing with copy keys.

We prescribe all locks ought to be overhauled and supplanted with 5-lever locks, which can be recognized by the British Standard Kitemark. This is generally a base protection prerequisite.

Mortice locks require a key to be swung to enact the gridlock. The real favorable position of a mortice bolt is that criminals can not crush a nearby window, reach inside and open the entryway. The gridlocks on a mortice bolt additionally imply that if a thief softens up through a window they can not escape through the entryway, giving you have not left the key in the bolt within.

Chamber Rim Locks (Yale Locks)

Most front entryway locks and inner entryway locks are barrel locks, normally known as ‘Yale’ locks, after one of the main brands. In the event that your front entryway bolts naturally when you close it and you require a key to open the entryway all things considered, however it opens without a key from within, at that point you have a chamber edge bolt (Yale bolt).

We will supplant chambers with bolt barrels of at any rate like-for-like quality, liking to move up to a more secure excellent bolt where fundamental. In occurrences where keys have been lost or stolen, we would just change the chamber of the bolt.

Chamber edge locks are fitted to the surface of the entryway and are mounted on the surface of within the entryway with an associating barrel, which is fitted into the entryway with the keyhole outwardly.

Limited barrels give physical insurance against unapproved key duplication, consequently guaranteeing additional security to your property. Limited keys ensure keys must be cut with the approval of the proprietor normally inside a security card framework.

Locksmiths Benalmadena prescribed the fitting of mortice locks to supplement chamber edge locks, especially on front entryways.

Extra Door Security

We can likewise fit extra security, for example, entryway chains or bars.

Window Locks

One in three burglaries is through a window. Consider fitting high visibility window locks, so if a burglar breaks the glass the window locks will mean they still cannot open the window and risk injury climbing in through broken glass.

Window locks should be fitted to easily accessible windows such as those downstairs and next to flat roofs and drain pipes. Remember not to leave the keys on show in the window locks.

We can help with everything from simply opening the door to your house to upgrading and replacement your current locks to conform to British Standard


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